he said you've got cat eyes

“We’re still in love. He says so daily.”

“What do you mean he says? It takes two to twist and shout.”

“Tango. But not the point. I walk around the house in come-hither dresses with two cats for company, one that is now huge and kinda butch.”

“She’s beefy. Brawny. Hefty.”

“Same thing..? But whether Lucy is a lesbian or not, I don’t want to be the single girl with the cats. Not kosher, and not really the look I’m going for right now.”

“Well everyone knows D is your soul-mate, so kiss those garfields goodbye and take the Corolla. But bring the duct tape. The bumper’s come loose again.”


the luthier

He toyed with the button of my vest, staring straight in my face.      "So... What’s your story morning glory? Why are you such an angry kid?”

“Angry? How do you figure?”

“Half the time you talk through your teeth and the other half you got your nose in a wine glass.”

One last sip and I look not at his eyes but that tattoo on his neck that I want to taste. Not angry. But how many girls have been charmed before by such trifling attentions?