the luthier

He toyed with the button of my vest, staring straight in my face.      "So... What’s your story morning glory? Why are you such an angry kid?”

“Angry? How do you figure?”

“Half the time you talk through your teeth and the other half you got your nose in a wine glass.”

One last sip and I look not at his eyes but that tattoo on his neck that I want to taste. Not angry. But how many girls have been charmed before by such trifling attentions?


  1. Hot awesomeness. Noelle you are gorgeous (and addoorrraabllle!!). And likewise, you have been captured and styled gorgeously. Rache, you should totally syndicate this blog to the site Bloglovin'. You'd get loads of readers and they'd love you there! xx

  2. If this smelled like something, it would smell like freshly baked cinnamon buns.